Free Apps for Words, Screen Capture, and Sudoku

Write Freely for Free

Talk is cheap, but Word is expensive. Fortunately, Jarte is free. This clever little word processing program from Carolina Road Software lets you open, modify, and save files in common formats.

Jarte fits onto a small, 64MB USB drive with room to spare for a couple of documents, making it perfect for travelers who want to work on projects and might not have Internet access for using Web-based alternatives.

Jarte’s tabbed interface makes it easy to work on several files–in several formats–at once.

Free Shots of Your Screens!

EasyCapture lets you capture screen images in a variety of sizes and formats. This free program adds a few nifty extra functions, too.

To nab a screen with EasyCapture, you select the desired area type (full screen, region, window, and so on), move your cursor to select the area, and click. Thanks to a tabbed interface, you can take several screen shots in short order and deal with each at your leisure. A smattering of graphics tools lets you perform simple tasks such as adjusting brightness and contrast; converting to grayscale; and adding text and simple included graphics such as lines, arrows, and word balloons. You can save your work as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, and TIFF files.

Get a Clue for Sudoku Puzzles

Strategies for solving these number-placing brain-teasers can be complex, but reader Ernie Jellinek of Voorhees, New Jersey, has a tip: Do the puzzles in SudoKlue. This clever freebie analyzes puzzles and provides cell-by-cell solution instructions, setting you on the path to sodoku mastery.

SudoKlue generates random puzzles or lets you input your own. Use the pencil tool to mark the possibilities, then the pen tool when you’re sure you know the solution. SudoKlue can give hints, find errors, and solve individual cells for you.


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